Online learning is ideal practice for the professional world

October 7, 2020

1080x1080-improvesvirtualcommunication.jpgAlthough the widespread implementation of remote work began as an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19, many industries have elected to continue offering remote opportunities even as a percentage of the workforce resumes face-to-face operations. Healthcare, design, computer programming, social services, and business industries rely on independent and skilled employees who can work effectively from home. If remote jobs are the growing career trend, how can you gain the skills you need to succeed in those positions?

Online learning at the Alamo Colleges is an ideal place to practice and develop remote work skills. Specific skills, like communication and collaboration, are emphasized heavily in both the classroom and in the professional realm. However, there are other skills you will gain during your online learning journey that will prove crucial to your success in the remote workforce. The following skills are sometimes overlooked or under-emphasized, but they will serve you well in your career.

Managing deadlines

As an online student, your week is organized around assignment due dates, quizzes, and exams. The same concept will apply to your remote work role, so it’s crucial to spend your time as a student developing a deadline management system that works for you. Do you use an old-fashioned planner? The calendar on your phone? A project management app? Knowing how to track important dates, times, and projects will keep your grades high in class and will make you a valuable employee in the future.

Creating functional workspaces

Both studying and working from home can invite occasional distractions. Your attempt to focus on an assignment might be thwarted by a loud TV or unfinished household chores and projects. This is why it’s essential to create a functional home-based workspace dedicated 100% to study and work. Try finding a corner situated away from common living areas, like the den or kitchen. If possible, your workspace should include a desk, a comfortable chair to sit in for long periods, a lamp for proper lighting, and a nearby power outlet. You may consider decorating your area with plants, a calendar, or any other items that help increase your concentration. Although your workspace will depend on your home’s size and layout, creating a dedicated space now will allow you to transition from school to remote work seamlessly.

Developing discipline

Even the most productive student or employee can fall victim to procrastination if the assignment they are working on is intimidating or uninteresting. Procrastination can result in focusing on less critical tasks or avoiding work altogether. As an online student or remote employee, avoiding tasks may seem easy to get away with—after all, who will know if you slacked off on your phone, watched TV, or took a long lunch? But the truth is, your instructor or manager will eventually find out. Your decrease in work quality and an increase in missed deadlines will be a clear indication that you are not disciplined and are putting off critical assignments. Take this time as an online student to develop a strong work ethic by finishing tasks early, especially the ones that you’re tempted to delay until the day it’s due. By learning to tackle and complete challenging assignments, you’re creating a habit of discipline that will translate well into the workplace.

As an online learner at the Alamo Colleges, you have the unique opportunity to practice and develop the skills you need to succeed in a remote work or onsite position. By using this time wisely, you will be able to enter the professional world already possessing the skills you need to hit the ground running!

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