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The Alamo Colleges District has teamed up with a new vendor to offer you an official emergency notification system that’s improved and easy to use.

The Alamo Colleges Alamo Alert system will be used to communicate with students, employees and other members of the Alamo Colleges Family in the event of a college emergency or weather-related delay or closure.

Among its many features, the Alamo Alert system can send email and text notifications directly to your mobile phone.

How To Get Alamo Alerts

Make Sure that YOU get Alamo Colleges Alamo Alerts

Alamo Colleges email addresses are automatically subscribed to the Alamo Alert System. Log on to to update your profile. We highly encourage you to add your mobile phone.

Note: If you have already entered your mobile number in our previous Alamo Alerts System, all you have to do is log in and confirm your mobile number. If you have never entered your mobile number, you will not receive text alerts on your cell phone.

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YES! I’m ready to log in, update my user profile, and confirm or add my mobile number!

It’s simple. Here’s what you do:

From your mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer:

Step 1

Visit and in the login fields, type your full Alamo email address and the temporary password received in your welcome email.

Press the Log In button. (Example:

Step 2

Once logged in, add or confirm your name and mobile phone number. You can also add additional emails and mobile numbers.

Step 3

Test the system by having a text message and email sent to the information you supplied.

Step 4

Important: In order to receive messages sent to specific college and center locations, you must Opt-In.

Step 5

Click on the Opt-In Lists tab.

Step 6

On the next screen, on the right column, click on the name of the college(s) or center(s) you wish to join.

Step 7

On the same screen, select Done on the left top corner of the page.

Step 8

That’s it!

You’re all set to receive Alamo Colleges Alamo Alerts in the event of an emergency situation or weather-related delay or closure.


How do I unsubscribe?

You cannot opt out of emergency messages delivered to your Alamo Colleges-issued email address.

However, you can unsubscribe your mobile phone and personal email address(es) by logging into the system and deleting them.

You may also stop messages directly through your phone by texting the word STOP to 67283.

Who may use the Alamo Colleges Alamo Alert system?

Emergencies are considered any event that poses a safety risk to the campus community.

For example, the most common use of Alamo Alert will be to communicate when the district offices or all or one of the colleges is delayed or closed due to inclement weather.

Other types of emergencies may include unexpected occurrences such as earthquakes or power outages, or any unexpected event that poses danger or a threat. 

How will I identify incoming messages from Alamo Colleges’ Alamo Alert system?

Text messages: Text messages sent from Alamo Colleges Alamo Alert are sent using something called shortcodes.

When you receive a text via a shortcode, you’ll receive a message from either 67283 or 226787.

We strongly encourage you to save this number in your phone address book after you receive your first message.

This way, in future emergencies, the message will be more recognizable as an official communication from the college.  If your carrier or phone does not support short code messaging, messages you receive will appear to come from

Email messages: Email messages sent from Alamo Alert will be sent from the email address: be sure this email address is not blacklisted or blocked by your email providers.

How do I stop receiving messages?

If you have never attended an Alamo Colleges before and have received an emergency alert from our system, it’s likely that your phone number was previously used by someone affiliated with the Alamo Colleges District who used this system.

You may opt out of receiving these text messages by texting the word STOP to 226787. These instructions should also be included in the text of every message you receive.

I’m a parent of an Alamo Colleges student or member of the community who would like to receive notifications. May I subscribe to Alamo Alert?

Yes, you can subscribe by registering at

Is there a charge for the service?

The Alamo Alert system will not charge you in any way.

However, you are responsible for paying all messaging charges associated with your wireless carrier plan.

What mobile phone carriers are supported?

Alamo Alert supports all U.S. mobile carriers.

What if my cell phone number or provider changes?

If you change your mobile number, please log in to the system and update your contact details.

If you’ve changed providers, but your number hasn’t changed, you may want to update your carrier information in your subscription settings as well. This step is not required.

It will eventually be updated by the mobile carrier in Alamo Alert, but this update may take a few weeks to reflect in the system.

To ensure you do not miss any emergency messages, you may also simply log in to the system and update your carrier information in your settings directly.

What other ways can I stay informed about emergencies at the Alamo Colleges District?

Be sure to visit our Alamo Alert webpage to identify other ways to stay informed, including the district and colleges' websites, weather hotline, Facebook and Twitter.

Emergency Contacts

Contact one of the numbers below for on-site emergencies.

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