Parents and Families FAQs


Can I view my student's transcripts or how they are performing academically?

College student’s records are protected by the Family Educational Right and Privacy Act (FERPA). FERPA restricts any institution from releasing grades or other educational records without the student’s written permission. If parent’s want an official copy of their daughter/sons grades, the student can submit an online request through Alamo Colleges Educational Services (ACES) to have a copy sent to their parents. Learn More.

What should my student do if they're having trouble choosing their courses?

Students are highly encouraged to speak with their certified advisor when making decisions about their academic goals. If your son or daughter is a First Time in College or Transfer Student meeting with an advisor will be a requirement for their admissions. Please visit the college advising department for more information.

My student needs help with their courses, where can they go for tutoring?

Each college of the Alamo Colleges District has tutoring options available for their students. Have your son or daughter contact their college tutoring services to learn more about services provided.

Northeast Lakeview College


Northwest Vista College Palo Alto College
St. Philip’s College San Antonio College  
When is tuition billed/due?

Questions regarding billing and payment can be answered by the business office and any campus. To view Payment Deadline Calendars visit

Health and Wellness

Where can I find information about Disability Support Services?

Disability Support Services (DSS) provides accessible and inclusive college experiences for student with disabilities.

College DSS Offices

Northeast Lakeview College


Northwest Vista College


Palo Alto College


St. Philip’s College San Antonio College  
If my student is in distress, who can they go talk to?

A licensed counselor provides free short-term or crisis counseling for students at each campus. Counseling Services Department:

Northeast Lakeview College


Northwest Vista College Palo Alto College
St. Philip’s College San Antonio College  
What is Title IX?

The Alamo Colleges District is committed to providing a supportive learning, environment and to fostering safe, healthy relationships among out students. Title IX is a federal law that prohibits discrimination based on gender of employees or students. This includes acts of sexual harassment and relationship violence. Visit AlamoCARES for more information.

Emergency and Safety

How will my student be notified in case of a college emergency?

Alamo Colleges District students, faculty, and staff are notified of emergencies via email, phone call and/or text messaging. It is highly important for our students to keep their personal contact information up-to-date in ACES.

What type of messages might be sent during an emergency?

The Alamo Colleges District will only send out emergency notifications when there is an immediate situation posing a threat to one or all of the colleges of the Alamo Colleges District.

Types of emergency notifications your son or daughter may receive:

  • Warnings when a crime has been committed near or by a college and a suspect is at-large
  • Weather alerts that may cause severe flooding and/or power outages resulting in campus closures

Emergency notifications will include the college, the event occurring, and quick instructions directing students the appropriate action to take.