High School to Career Resources

Choosing a career pathway in high school can determine the route your student takes when they graduate high school. Encourage your student to set a career plan in high school that can lead them to their dream job.



  • Academic Resources

    Math Power Hour

    Free math tutoring sessions for patrons of any age group that need tutoring with math classes or homework! Our BiblioTech tutors will monitor patrons while they work and study math materials and answer any questions that arise

    How do you spend your time? Activity

    Create a pie chart displaying on how your spends their time and find more time for educational activities

    Khan Academy

    Free practice exercises, videos, and a personalized learning dashboard for kindergarten to college

    PhET Interactive Solutions

    Instantly add meaningful lab experiences to math and science classrooms for exactly $0? It’s tough to beat that.

    Mathematical Association of America

    The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) is the largest mathematical society in the world that focuses on mathematics for students, faculty, professional mathematicians, and all who are interested in the mathematical sciences; that is, mathematics at the undergraduate level.


  • Career Resources

    Texas Career Check

    Find your interests in the Texas Career Check Interest Profiler

    High School Endorsements

    View high school endorsement areas and how they connect to careers


    Learn about the 300 plus programs across the Alamo Colleges, grouped into 6 institutes.

    Career Investigation

    This newspaper encourages students to create a graduation plan based on learning styles, personal interests and future goals. This tabloid is based on the 16 career clusters and lays out graduation plans for Texas Students.

    Education Planner

    Find useful tools identifying career clusters and what careers match your skills. Students can also watch career videos, look up hot jobs for the future, and perform career searches on what interests them.

    Career One Stop

    Explore a collection of videos of many different careers. Videos include career details such as tasks, work settings, education needed, and more.

    Find Your Path Quiz

    Lots of students are just figuring out things in middle and high school. Have your student take this fun quiz to help them think about what they’re interested in and what they’re good at.

    My Skills, My Future

    Find a new career based on past jobs and skills

    The Succeed at Work – Flyer Quick overview of a successful employee that businesses will want to hire and keep balance

    This site guides students with tips and industry specific interview

    ASVAB Career Exploration Program

    The Department of Defense provides high schools with the Career Exploration Program for students considering the military

  • Financial Awareness Resources

    Texas Tuition Promise Fund

    LoneStar 529 Plan

    Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan

  • Social and Emotional Support Resources

     Higher Education for Students with Disabilities

    This guide has been put together to help student and their parents better understand their rights and responsibilities in regard to a postsecondary education. You will also find useful tips and information for locating the college or university program that best suits your needs.

    Accredited Schools Online: Promoting Student Mental Health

    This guide offers resources for student mental health, including how to deal with anxiety, depression and drug abuse.

    National Center for Learning Disabilities

    NCLD provides information and resources for people with learning disabilities (LD), their parents and families to learn more about their specific diagnosis and ways to succeed in school, the workplace and elsewhere.