Middle School to Career Resources

Does your student know what their career goals are? Engaging your student in career exploration in middle school is a great way to get your student serious about their future career goals and how they can achieve them.




Academic Resources

Math Power Hour

Free math tutoring sessions for patrons of any age group that need tutoring with math classes or homework! Our BiblioTech tutors will monitor patrons while they work and study math materials and answer any questions that arise

Hippo Campus

This site offers interactive videos that teach Algebra, Geometry and other Advanced Math topics. Other topics include Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Humanities.

Great Math Website for Kids

Great Websites for Kids is a compilation of exemplary websites geared to children from birth to age 14.

Interactive Math Glossary

This glossary is helpful to parents in exploring and understanding mathematics vocabulary used in the K-8 math TEKS.

10 Way to Help Your Child Succeed in Middle School

Here are 10 ways to keep your child on track for academic success in middle school.



Career Resources


Learn about the 300 plus programs across the Alamo Colleges, grouped into 6 institutes.  Career Investigation -This newspaper encourages students to create a graduation plan based on learning styles, personal interests and future goals. This tabloid is based on the 16 career clusters and lays out graduation plans for Texas Students.

Texas Career Check

Find your interests in the Texas Career Check Interest Profiler

High School Endorsements

View high school endorsement areas and how they connect to careers

Education Planner

Find useful tools identifying career clusters and what careers match your skills. Students can also watch career videos, look up hot jobs for the future, and perform career searches on what interests them.

Career One Stop

Explore a collection of videos of many different careers. Videos include career details such as tasks, work settings, education needed, and more.

Find Your Path Quiz

Lots of students are just figuring out things in middle and high school. Have your student take this fun quiz to help them think about what they’re interested in and what they’re good at.

Social Support

Social and Emotional Suport Resources

Developmental Checklist for 11-13 Year Olds

Take a peek at the number of changes that 11- to 13-year-old children go through.

Cognitive Development in 11-13 Year Olds

Children become increasingly competent at adult-style thinking during the "tween" years. Learn more.

Emotional Support and Student Learning

In caring schools, a critical connection has been made between students’ academic achievement and their need to feel safe, accepted, and valued.

National Center for Learning Disabilities

Social, Emotional and Behavioral Challenges

National Center for Learning Disabilities – Identifying Struggling Students

Understood for learning & attention issues

For the first time ever, 15 nonprofit organizations have joined forces to support parents of the one in five children with learning and attention issues throughout their journey.