In serving the needs of students, faculty, staff and the San Antonio community, the Alamo Colleges District's Ethics and Compliance Department is committed to prevent, detect and investigate acts of misconduct in support of the Colleges' efforts to maximize employee accountability and ensure student success.

The Ethics and Compliance Department will provide a foundation for sound corporate governance, through policy and education, to prevent employee actions that undermine the integrity of the organization while fostering a culture of achievement, success and compliance of applicable laws, regulations, institutional policies and procedures, and standards of conduct.

Employee Online Ethics Training can be found in ACES --> Employee Tab --> AlamoTalent


The vision of the Ethics and Compliance Department is to be an ambassador of The Alamo Way by establishing and enforcing ethical standards that enhance the Alamo Colleges' vision of "becoming the best in the nation in Student Success and Performance Excellence."


The Ethics and Compliance Department is dedicated to empowering our employees to make ethical and sound decisions in their everyday business of educating Alamo College students with the knowledge and skills needed in today's world.



The Ethics and Compliance Department will implement seven basic elements for an ethics and compliance program that promotes The Alamo Way:

  1. Designate an ethics and compliance officer - charged with operating and monitoring the compliance program;
  2. Develop policies and procedures and a Code of Conduct that promotes responsible and ethical behavior;
  3. Educate and train our employees on the benefits of making ethical decisions;
  4. Provide a medium for our employees, students and citizens to submit anonymous reporting without the fear of retaliation;
  5. Take immediate action in disciplining ethics and compliance violations;
  6. Audit and monitor departmental operations in efforts to detect illegal or improper activities; and
  7. Take corrective action and implement internal controls (modify policies/procedures if necessary) to avoid recurrence of previous offense(s).

The Ethics and Compliance Department's goals are to increase ethics and compliance awareness and develop a culture of compliance for Alamo Colleges' employees in order to:

  • Prevent of fraud, waste, and abuse; and
  • Reduce illegal or improper actions and activities.
Shared Values

The Ethics and Compliance Department shares in the commitment to build our individual and collective character through our set of shared values.

These values guide and inspire our thoughts and actions as we seek to fulfill our vision and mission.

 Values Icons

  • Student First
  • Respect for All
  • Community-engaged
  • Collaboration
  • Can Do Spirit
  • Data-informed

Ethics & Compliance Responsibilities

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Please, feel free to send us an email or call the ethics department and let us know if there is an area where we need to improve:

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