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Program Description

The Alamo Colleges District partners with private-sector employers to provide eligible work-study students with opportunities to work in a real-world environment in positions that align with the student’s field of study. Eligible students work with a partnering employer who pays either 25% or 50% (based on business size) of the student wages and Alamo Colleges pays the remaining portion of the wages through federal financial aid funding.

Partnering employers determine the position(s) offered, the number of positions they want to fill, the hourly pay rate (minimum $13.75), and the number of hours a student will work per week (between 10 and 19). Employers receive student cover letters and resumes to determine whether to offer an interview. Employers commit to a student’s employment per semester and may rehire the student for subsequent semesters, or may hire a new student each semester. Employers are required to accommodate students’ academic schedules and activities.

Partner Eligibility

Eligible partners may interview and hire students in the following fields of study:

  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)
  • Advanced Manufacturing & Logistics (including Industrial Trades)
  • Health & Biosciences
  • Creative & Communication Arts
  • Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Public Services

For a complete list of majors, visit WS Majors.


Program Details

Partnering Agencies:

  • Attend a PWS Prospective Partner Briefing (see dates below of upcoming sessions)
  • Complete a Partner Agreement
  • Post position(s) on the Alamo Colleges work-study job bank
  • Receive student resumes and cover letters
  • Interview candidates; Make job offers
  • Submit employed work-study time-sheets in a timely manner

Alamo Colleges:

  • Promotes available positions to eligible students
  • Refers students for employment consideration
  • Conducts basic criminal background checks
  • Manages HR matters and issues payroll
  • Funds 75% or 50% of student wages through federal financial aid funds

Ready to Learn More?

Register to attend a one-hour required webinar to get details about becoming a partner.


Thursday, August 19, 3pm - 4pm
Thursday, September 9, 9am - 10am


 Thursday, September 23, 3pm - 4pm


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