Meet Northwest Vista College President Dr. Amy Bosley

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A Seat at the Table with Chancellor Flores: Meet Northwest Vista College President Dr. Amy Bosley

In July 2023, Dr. Amy Bosley – an innovative higher education administrator with extensive teaching experience and advanced communication, human resources, and business expertise – began her position as the third president of Northwest Vista College (NVC), a vibrant community of more than 17,000 students and 900 employees.

Dr. Bosley has an extensive track record in higher education and has served in various capacities, including Vice President for Institutional Planning Development and Chief of Staff at Valencia College in Central Florida. She is passionate about the community college mission and the impact that college leaders, faculty, and staff have on students, their families, the workforce, and their community.

Dr. Bosley and NVC student Daniel Bigler recently took part in A Seat at the Table with Chancellor Dr. Mike Flores for a conversation on their experiences at NVC and what’s ahead.

Some key concepts they covered include:

  • What attracted Dr. Bosley and Daniel to NVC
  • NVC’s Excelencia in Education framework
  • Looking at what’s ahead as NVC approaches its 30th anniversary



What attracted Dr. Bosley and Daniel to NVC

Dr. Bosley: There are many things - it’s such a beautiful campus. It’s heavily wooded, beautifully designed, beautiful architecture. It just feels like a wonderful place to be. It is surpassed everyday by the quality of the faculty, staff and students that live and learn and work there. It never ceases to amaze me. The commitment to students' access, to their learning to their completion to their competition to making sure that they are on the path for jobs that will sustain themselves and their families. It permeates everything that I have seen at NVC.

Daniel: We have a million services and all of the people that I work with and for are so incredibly passionate and all that drives us is seeing these students come in. …I got into psychology and social work because I wanted to help my community and make it a better place.

NVC’s Excelencia in Education framework

Dr. Bosley: At Northwest Vista, about 66% percent of our students identify as Latino, and it is our great privilege to serve them. We also know there are many things to better serve them. Just enrolling Latino students is not our obligation. Our obligation and our privilege is to ensure they complete programs of value, that they earn credentials that sustain themselves and their families and we take into account and celebrate and integrate the cultural aspects that make education and community in a responsive way. … We have integrated the Excelencia in Education framework into our strategic plan and that strategic plan is really going to guide our work in the student experience as well as the academic and workforce program planning that is coming. All of that will be constructed in a framework of servingness, we call them our Strategic Vistas. They are not just strategic goals, but really where we’re looking to the future. It is our college name made very real in thinking about serving how we serve all of our students but especially creating space for 66% of students who are Latino.

Looking at what’s ahead as NVC approaches its 30th anniversary

Dr. Bosley: We are preparing to launch our first baccalaureate degree, which will launch in Fall 2024, so we are gearing up for that. That is in Cloud Computing, which is really well aligned with the workforce around Northwest Vista and beyond. So future students can look forward to that. But what I’m really excited about is a renovated campus spirit, reinvigoration of what makes Northwest Vista such a special place and inviting the community on the campus. … We’re really excited to keep on envisioning what the future can look like.


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