Alamo Colleges District Marketplace

Alamo Colleges District Marketplace Mall offers a secure way for departments and organizations to generate revenue by collecting online and point of sales payments on products, non-academic classes, events and conferences.  Marketplace is available to all faculty and staff and for student functions and organizations.

Marketplace is the e-commerce solution for Alamo Colleges District departments and organizations. This secure, online e-commerce environment helps colleges automate, manage, and secure payments and business transactions.

Marketplace is fully integrated with our Banner system and can feed transactions directly to each individual department's revenue account in Banner.

Alamo Marketplace Mall

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Benefits of Marketplace Mall


Marketplace supports a wide variety of online and point sales commerce activities across all colleges from tickets, events, continuing education classes and fundraiser merchandise. Each site is designed to meet each department or organization's needs. 

Centralized System and Convenient

Reports can be viewed online, on-demand, for all stores and payments. 
Reports will gather registration and demographic information, as well as process payments for the organization in a single transaction. Marketplace is a public site available for registration or payment nationwide 24/7.

Compliant Payment Processing

Marketplace provides secure PA-DSS compliant payment processing for any web-based application, moving campus-wide payments into one centralized, certified payment application. TouchNet is fully certified with the latest cardholder information security standards, including both the Payment Applications Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). All components of TouchNet UCommerce have been certified as PA-DSS compliant.

Any store/product setups must meet Alamo Colleges District policies when utilizing Marketplace, including but not limited to, policies pertaining to financial management, information security, privacy and the collection of student data under FERPA.

Getting Started

If you wish to set up a store, event or product, email the Assistant Bursar at your college to set up an initial consultation meeting. Together, you will discuss how Marketplace can help your department or organization create/develop a marketplace site/product or event.

You will be required to complete the Marketplace store setup form and complete all sections and fields required to process your request. The Assistant Bursar will email you the form. Once we receive and approve the form, please allow a minimum of two weeks to complete your request. In addition, any guides or instructions will be emailed to you once the store, product or event is setup.

If your department or organization has questions about the Marketplace Mall, please contact the Assistant Bursar at your College Business Office or the Bursar at the District Business Office.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will we be trained to manage our store?

Most stores and products will be set-up by the Assistant Bursar. The only training necessary will be a short walkthrough of your store once it is ready to go live.

The Assistant Bursar will demonstrate how to view/download reports, fulfill orders, locate an order and basic navigation. Electronic materials are also available to assist you in these activities.  Please contact the Assistant Bursar at your College.

Will there be potential down times?

Yes, occasionally the TouchNet application will be down for upgrades or Alamo Colleges District year-end processing. You will be notified when the down time is scheduled.

What payment options can we accept in our store?

We currently have two main payment options available.  We have the online payments through Marketplace Mall. 

The second option is using a point of sales credit card device (POS).  These are on the spot credit card transaction process.  In addition, we are only allowing stores to accept Credit/Debit cards branded with the 4 major credit card companies; Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Stores may be given the option to offer payment by electronic check (ACH) under certain circumstances.

How do we grant users access to our Marketplace uStore reports?

Please contact your College‚Äôs Business Office Assistant Bursar.  Please specify who will need access to view/download reports.

Is there credit card minimum purchase payments?

Yes, there is a minimum credit card purchase of $5.00.

Can we accept donations for our department?

If your department would like to accept donations, please contact the Alamo Colleges Foundation Department.

How do I process a payment refund?

Payment refunds are processed through the District Business Office Bursar. Please email the District Business Office Bursar with the order number and the amount of the refund requested.

Who do I contact if there is something wrong with my uStore?

If you are experiencing issues with your site, product or event, contact the Assistant Bursar at your college.

How long does it take to set up a Marketplace uStore?

Most stores can be set up in two weeks.  Various factors will determine how quickly your new store, event or product can be set up.  Most common factors that will affect the store setup include: 

  • Marketplace Manager's workload (August, January and June will result in slower set up times)
  • Complexity of the products/store design
  • Availability of the departments and organizations to communicate with the Assistant Bursar and provide product details and feedback about the store during setup and testing
Is Marketplace PCI-Compliant?

Yes! Alamo Colleges District is subject to the rules, regulations and contractual provisions regarding the handling of payment cards and cardholder data as defined by PCI/Data Security Standards (PCI/DSS).  Marketplace is one of the tools we are currently using to ensure that we uphold these standards. For more information about PCI Security Standards, please visit the Official PCI Security Standards Council website.

What type of products or services could our Marketplace Mall provide?

Marketplace can be used for all sorts of products including: 

  • Testing Fees
  • Event Tickets
  • Conference registration/payment
  • Camps
  • Workshops
  • Application fees/deposits
  • Invoice payments
  • T-shirts sales
  • Memberships
  • Digital Products