Academic Advising

    1. All first-time college students who have not previously attended college*
    2. Students who have earned college Dual Credit as high school students*
    3. Transfer college students to the Alamo Colleges District with fewer than fifteen (15) earned college semester credit hours*
    4. All students placed on Academic Probation or Dismissal
    5. Students who have completed 30+ hours or more

    * These students are required to attend a group advising session.

    Students are encouraged to consult with an academic advisor about degree plans, courses, and other educational concerns if currently enrolled and pursuing a two-year degree program, planning to transfer to another college or university, or simply taking a few selected courses. In addition to course and degree requirements, policies and procedures are subject to change. Students are encouraged to stay informed of any changes that may affect them by meeting with an academic counselor/advisor regularly.

  • Many students who enroll at the Alamo Colleges District plan to transfer to a college or university with upper-division or junior standing. During their enrollment at Alamo Colleges District, they are advised to fulfill the lower-division requirements for the college or university selected for their continued education.

    The Alamo Colleges District's transfer services aid students in making their transfer experience a seamless process. It is the responsibility of all students to ensure that they take courses at the Alamo Colleges District that will be accepted by the transfer institutions they wish to attend.

    Academic Advising Services Include:

    • Pre & Post- Admissions Advisement
    • Assessment Interpretation
    • Information on Academic Programs
    • Degree Planning and Requirements
    • Course Placement and Selection
    • Registration Assistance
    • Withdrawal
    • Advisement from a course
    • Graduation Requirements
    • Transfer Planning and Services
    • Web Advising
  • Location: 
    Student Commons

    (210) 486-5406



  • Monday - Thursday 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
    Closed  Fridays and Saturdays in June and July

    Closed for New Student Orientation and Professional Development
    Wednesdays 10:30 am - 5:00 pm
    Thursdays 8:00 am -12:00 pm

     Call Center Hours of Operation

    Monday - Friday

    8:00 am. - 5:00 pm.