Alamo Colleges Police Department



21ALAMO (210-212-5266)

President & College Support  
President Amy Bosley 210-486-4900 MZH 103D
Executive Assistant to the President Minerva Muñiz 210-486-4908 MZH 103C
Administrative Services Specialist
Gracie Sanchez 210-486-4099 MZH 103
Interim Director of Strategic Initiatives Christina Brown
210-486-4156 MZH 103B
College & Grants Development - Director Judy Camargo 210-486-4951 MZH 104G
Peace Center Program - Director Migdalia Garcia 210-486-4846 LOH 206
Marketing & Strategic Communications - Director Renata Serafin 210-486-4689 MZH 204R
Fax: 210-486-9020    
Manager Melissa Monroe Young 210-486-4681 MZH 204P
Strategic Communications Coordinator Lisa McDaniel 210-486-4687 MZH 204Q
Digital Communications Coordinator Shawn Harward 210-486-4686 MZH 204S
Visual Content Creator Paul Vallejo 210-486-4684 MZH 204S
Marketing Content Creator Ricardo Gonzalez 210-486-4698 MZH 204S
Community Collaborations - Director Abreetta Bonner 210-486-4022 MZH 104B
Administrative Services Specialist Vacant    
College Events Coordinator Lucinda Rico 210-486-4739  
Scholarship Coordinator Marie Bueno 210-486-4688 MZH 104D
College Services      
Vice President for College Services Erin Sherman 210-486-4738 MZH 105A
Administrative Assistant to the Vice President Nancy Guevara 210-486-4932 MZH 105B
College Services - Director Jill Sprowls
210-486-4796 MZH 105C
College Services Coordinator Tony Bravo 210-486-4017  
College Budget Officer Steve Hale 210-486-4917 MZH 105E
College Services Coordinator
Roberto Ramos
College Service Purchasing Coordinator Vacant    
Information & Communication Technologies - Director Felix Salinas 210-486-4788 MZH 106L
Fax: 210-486-9007 Help Desk: 210-486-4777  
College Services Coordinator
Veronica Gonzalez 210-486-4711 MZH 106
Coordinator of College Technology Tyrell Schwab 210-486-4790 MZH 106G
Technical Support Supervisor Ana Escamilla 210-486-4777 MZH 106J
Technical Services Manager Maja Gerdin 210-486-4777 MZH 106C
Information Systems Specialist Larry J. Trejo 210-486-4777 MZH 106
Information Systems Specialist Thad Kochan 210-486-4777 MZH 106
Information Systems Specialist Joseph Sifuentes 210-486-4777 MZH 106
Help Desk Specialist Robert Goodman
210-486-4777 MZH 106
Technical Services Manager Lee White 210-486-4777 MZH 106E
Information Systems Specialist Marquette Leach 210-486-4777 MZH 106
Information Systems Specialist Jordan Reyes 210-486-4777 MZH 106
IT Security Specialist Jeremy Lozano 210-486-4721 MZH 106D
Client Support Specialist Cynthia Rosas 210-486-4794 MZH 106D
IT Digital Media Specialist Malcolm Higgins 210-486-4781 MZH 106D
Technology Support Supervisor Jose Olivares 210-486-4791 JH 106F
Client Support Specialist
Chadwick Cardenas 210-486-4024 JH 106E
Computer Support Technician
Raquel Espinosa 210-486-4702 JH 106A
Computer Support Technician
Walker Hobbs 210-486-4780 JH 106E
Institutional Research Planning & Effectiveness - Director Eliza Hernandez 210-486-4913 MZH 105M
IT Data Analyst Petra Ortega   MZH 105
Coordinator of Measurement and Evaluation Deborah Font 210-486-4284 MZH 105
Quality Enhancement Plan - Director (Interim) Barbara Riske Guerra 210-486-4031  
QEP Assessment Coordinator Barbara Riske Guerra 210-486-4031
College Risk Management - Coordinator Garvin Dansby 210-486-4062 MLH 135A
College Services Coordinator Alexis Avila 210-486-4937 MLH 135
District Services Human Resources      
Benefits Coordinator Elsie Adams 210-486-1417 DSO
Benefits & HR Consultant Thaddeus G. Fernandez 210-486-4111 DSO
HR Partner
Marika Dabney 210-485-0210 PH 210B
District Services Facilities - Superintendent Joey Dinscore 210-486-4881 MPER 110
Work Control II Renee B. Parra 210-486-4888 MPER 110
Project Coordinator Vacant  
Master HVAC Robert Alvarez 210-486-4888 MPER 110
Master HVAC Foreman Robert Arredondo 210-486-4888 MPER 110
Grounds Foremen Christopher Bailey 210-486-4888 MPER 110
Senior Maintenance Mechanic Vacant  
Journeyman Electrician Lloyd Crenwelge 210-486-4888 MPER 110
Senior Maintenance Mechanic Vacant  
Painter II Heginio Mares 210-486-4888 MPER 110
Painter II Richard Martinez 210-486-4888 MPER 110
General Housekeeping Foreman Vacant    
Facilities Building Foreman Vacant  
Master Plumber Julian Rodriguez 210-486-4888 MPER 110
Master Plumber Rudy De La Cruz 210-486-4888 MPER 110
General Maintenance Vacant  
Student Success      
Interim Vice President for Student Success Janie Scott 210-486-4914 DWWC 210
Director of Student Success Tina Mesa 210-486-4092 DWWC 210
Director of Conduct & Title IX
Jennifer Rivera 210-486-4493 HH 109B
Senior Coordinator Glo Jimenez 210-486-4160 DWWC 210
Assistant to the Vice President Linda Cruz
210-486-4146 DWWC 210
Student Contact Center   21ALAMO (210-212-5266)
Student Advocacy and Resource Center      
Director of Advocacy - Student Success Lisa Black, LMSW 210-486-4180 PH 102 E
Advocacy Center Contact 210-486-4357 (HELP) PH 100
Student Care Advocate, P.A.T.H. Program
Michael Ortega 210-485-0705 PH 102
Sr. Coordinator - Student Success Pamela Frias, LMSW 210-486-4357 (HELP) PH 114 D
Sr. Specialist Alicia Menchaca 210-486-4241 PH 114 C
Clinical Case Manager -  Student Success
Diamond Cuellar
210-486-4357 (HELP)  PH 114 B
Certified Assistance Navigator Leelannee Cisneros 210-486-4357 (HELP) PH 114 E
Personal Counselor - Wellness Adriana Cantu, LPC 210-486-4419 PH 116 D
Personal Counselor - Wellness Maribel Montiel, LCSW 210-486-4419 PH 116 C
Boutique Morado 210-486-4357 (HELP) PH 100
The Store 210-486-4357 (HELP) PH 100
GrabNGo 210-486-4357 (HELP) PH 100
Sensory Safe Place 210-486-4357 (HELP) PH 100
Academic Advising and Enrollment Services (Recruitment, Admissions, New Student Orientation, Advising, Records and Residency)      
Dean for Student Success Robin Lund 210-486-4134 DWWC 120
Administrative Support Specialist Amanda Garcia 210-486-4451 DWWC 120
Advising Services - Director Vacant 210-486-4156 DWWC 202R
Data Analyst Jesus Gonzales
210-486-4197 DWWC 202R
Senior Coordinator - Advising Services Vacant    
Certified Advisor Vacant    
Advising Team Leader Angela Cavazos-Barajas 210-486-4730 DWWC 202R
Advising Team Support Specialist Michael Centeno
210-486-4165 DWWC 202R
Advising Team Support Specialist Mariana Perez
210-486-4168 DWWC 202R
Academic Advisor Adria James   DWWC 202R
Academic Advisor Adriana Garcia   DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Adriana Alcala 210-486-4433 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Paula Gavin 210-486-4117 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Jenna Martinez 210-486-4225 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Juan Reyes 210-486-4225 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Angelita Riojas 210-486-4147 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Monica Saldana 210-486-4471 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Amanda Salinas 210-486-4172 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Elizabeth Sanchez 210-486-4589 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Daniel Skinner 210-486-4172 DWWC 202R
Advising Team Leader
Advising Team Support Specialist
Maryellen Leis
210-486-4248 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Emilia Cazares 210-486-4381 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Shakyra Haas 210-486-4909 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Michelle Lopez   DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Gladys Mendez 210-486-4177 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Katherine Ortiz 210-486-4280 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Elizabeth Rodriguez 210-486-4159 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Melissa Ruiz 210-486-4286 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor
Dominique Salinas 210-486-4141 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Gabriella Tapia
210-486-4757 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Jordan Thomas
210-486-4594 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor
June Say
210-486-4439 DWWC 202R
Advising Team Leader Randall Garza 210-486-4007 DWWC 202R
Advising Team Support Specialist
Joceline Marquez
210-486-4246 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Victor Burgos 210-486-4591 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Gabriela Cruz 210-486-4139 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Anthony De Leon 210-486-4107 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Nahiskar Gil Silva 210-486-4593 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Anita Guerra 210-486-4560 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Debra Hinojosa 210-486-4223 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Jose Ortiz 210-486-4137 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Joe Riojas III 210-486-4463 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Joshua Saenz 210-486-4163 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Sabrina Sanchez 210-486-4254 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Jennifer Villela 210-486-4153 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Robert Jason Wise 210-486-4116 DWWC 202R
Advising Team Leader Virginia Mares
210-486-4174 DWWC 202R
Advising Team Support Specialist Michelle Alvarez 210-486-4240 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Dibanhi Medrano Aguilar   DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Nicol Beck   DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Alexandria Salinas 210-486-4853 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Richelle Gwinn 210-486-4138 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Valerie Martinez 210-486-4197 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Melissa Moya 210-486-4211 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Jessica Reyes   DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Morgan Zachmeyer   DWWC 202R
Advising Team Leader Vacant    
Advising Team Support Specialist Michelle Gonzales 210-486-4460 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Vacant    
Certified Advisor JoDee Cortez 210-486-4444 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Lizbeth Oliva 210-486-4154 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Vacant    
Certified Advisor Dominique Roque 210-486-4143 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Robert Villarreal Jr. 210-486-4179 DWWC 202R
Enrollment Services - Director Vacant 210-486-4195 DWWC 202R
Special Projects: Recruitment, Outreach, College Connection, AlamoPROMISE
Recruitment - Senior Coordinator Luz Hernandez 210-486-4453 DWWC 202R
Special Projects: New Student Orientation, Admissions, On-campus events
Records and Residency - Associate Director Yvonne Guerra 210-486-4339 DWWC 102R
Records and Residency Contact Number   210-21-ALAMO (210-212-5266)
Senior Coordinator - Records and Residency Robert Bridgeford 210-486-4940 DWWC 102C
Senior Specialist-Records Kimberly Cantu 210-486-4217 DWWC 102R
Senior Specialist-Records and Residency Amy Esparza 210-486-5266 DWWC 102R
Senior Specialist-Records and Residency Linda Garcia 210-486-4171 DWWC 102R
Senior Specialist-Degree Completion Terry Bell 210-486-4941 DWWC 102R
Recruitment - Senior Coordinator Luz Hernandez 210-486-4453 DWWC 102R
Recruitment General Number   210-486-4300
New Student Orientation - Senior Coordinator Steven Rocha 210-486-4743 DWWC 102R
Assessment and Testing - Associate Director Jonathon Gonzales 210-486-4377 DWWC 221
Testing Contact Number   210-486-4346 DWWC 221
Advisor George Gomez 210-486-4499 DWWC 221
Advisor Ernesto Guzman 210-486-4144 DWWC 221
Advisor Tina Pham 210-486-4188 DWWC 221
Advisor Joseph Vara 210-486-4291 DWWC 221
Vista Central Welcome and Admissions Center - Enrollment Coach Team Leader Cindy Zamudio 210-486-4601 DWWC 102R
Admissions Contact Number   210-21-ALAMO (210-212-5266) DWWC 102R
Enrollment Team Support Specialist Lauren De Leon 210-486-7595 DWWC 102R
Enrollment Team Support Specialist Ximena Pena 210-486-4297 DWWC 102R
Enrollment Team Support Specialist Mia Villegas 210-486-4251 DWWC 102R
Enrollment Team Support Specialist Jennifer Alvarado 210-486-4245 DWWC 102R
Enrollment Team Support Specialist Robert Robledo 210-486-4018 DWWC 102R
Certified Advisor Gabriella Gonzalez 210-486-4115 DWWC 102R
Certified Enrollment Coach Daniella Chavarria 210-486-4582 DWWC 102
Certified Enrollment Coach Chrissy Crenwelge 210-486-4256 DWWC 102R
Certified Enrollment Coach Josie Garcia 210-486-4581 DWWC 102
Certified Enrollment Coach Paul Hernandez 210-486-4465 DWWC 102R
Certified Enrollment Coach Lorenzo Lopez 210-486-4668 DWWC 102R
Certified Enrollment Coach Gilbert Martinez, Jr. 210-486-4570 DWWC 102
Certified Enrollment Coach Tamica Pratt 210-486-4668 DWWC 102R
Certified Enrollment Coach Monica Roque 210-486-4173 DWWC 102R
Certified Enrollment Coach Delilah Salazar 210-486-4602 DWWC 102R
Student Engagement, Development and Wellness (Veterans Affairs, Student Accessibility Services, Counseling, Student Development and Student Life)  
Dean for Student Success Jennifer Comedy-Holmes 210-486-4857 DWWC 102R
Administrative Support Specialist Amanda Garcia 210-486-4451 DWWC 120
Career and Experiential Learning Team - Director
Doreen Abrams 210-486-4129 DWWC 120
Team Lead Vacant    
Certified Career Experience Navigator Jordyn Biesenbach 210-486-4106 DWWC 120
Certified Career Experience Navigator Vacant    
Senior Support Specialist Rachel Leal 210-486-4193 DWWC 102R
Senior Support Specialist Brenda Simpson 210-486-4164 DWWC 102R
Student Accessibility Services (Disability Support)      
Main Accessibility Contact 210-486-4466 DWWC 120
Senior Coordinator Jennifer Alvizo 210-486-4466 DWWC 120
Specialist/Student Success Vada Garza 210-486-4466 DWWC 202R
Certified Academic Advisor JoDee Cortez 210-486-4466 DWWC 202R
Student Development (SDEV)      
Main SDEV Contact    
Director - Student Success Gary Bowling 210-486-4221  
Academic Program Specialist Kari McKay
210-486-4921 HH 109 (Temp. Location)
Senior Specialist Daniz Garcia 210-486-4199 HH 109 (Temp. Location)
Senior Specialist Devon Lutzenberger 210-486-4561 HH 109 (Temp. Location)
Faculty Adrianna Sherman 210-486-4496 HH 109 (Temp. Location)
Student Life      
Main Student Life Contact 210-486-4005
Director - Student Success Marie Morgan 210-486-4009 HH 109
Administrative Services Specialist Kim Pinder 210-486-4004 HH 109
Senior Coordinator - Rec Sports Daniel Johnson 210-486-4003 HH 109
Senior Coordinator Elizabeth "Bits" Murray 210-486-4010 HH 109
Senior Specialist - Rec Sports Rudy Espinoza 210-486-4003 HH 109
Senior Specialist - Activities Stephanie Sonneman 210-486-4680 HH 109
Veterans Affairs      
Main Veterans Center Contact 210-486-4140 DWWC 120
Senior Coordinator Elizabeth Ceballos 210-486-4747 DWWC 120
Senior Specialist Danny Vidaurri 210-486-4242 DWWC 120
Senior Specialist Danielle Saldana 210-486-4149 DWWC 120
Certified Advisor Vacant    
Certified Advisor Lizbeth Oliva 210-486-4154 DWWC 202R
Certified Advisor Vacant    
Certified Advisor Dominique Roque 210-486-4275 DWWC 120
Certified Advisor Valerie Sommerville 210-486-4154 DWWC 120
Certified Advisor Robert Villrreal Jr. 210-486-4179 DWWC 120
Business Office - Assistant Bursar Patricia Sanchez 210-486-4209  
Accounts Receivable Assistant Liz Correa 210-486-4203  
Accounting Clerk Ruby Renteria
210-486-4207 DWWC rm 114
Accounting Clerk Rosita Martinez 210-486-4207  
Financial Aid- Associate Director Mary "Kathie" Gomez 210-486-4265 DWWC rm 112
Lead Advisor Student Financial Services
Cameron Schmoker
210-486-4566 DWWC rm 112
Financial Aid Advisor Azalea Ramirez 210-486-4608 DWWC rm 112
Financial Aid Advisor Patsy Guerrero 210-486-4603 DWWC rm 112
Financial Aid Advisor Crystal Sanchez 210-486-4610 DWWC rm 112
Financial Aid Specialist Morelia Rangel 210-486-4206 DWWC rm 112
Financial Aid Specialist Katherine Arredondo 210-486-4257 DWWC rm 112
Interim Vice President for Academic Success Russell Frohardt 210-486-4136  
Administrative Assistant to the Vice President Emerald Giron 210-486-4905 MZH 104C
Academic Support Specialist Alicia Baltazar 210-486-4804 MZH 104E
Academic Support Specialist Yalitza Guerra 210-486-4235 MLH 118
Interim Dean for Academic Success (1/3) Teresa Dimas 210-486-4087  
Director of Workforce Programs - Development and Performance Rita Perez 210-486-4405 MLH 234B
Administrative Services Specialist Theresa Foster 210-486-4408 MLH 234
Academic Program Coordinator Alyssa Trevino 210-486-4420 MLH 234
Computer Sciences and Technology - Chair Vacant    
Administrative Services Specialist Emily Coppin 210-486-4352 MLH 201
Administrative Assistant Adrienne Partida 210-486-4354 MLH 201
3D Animation Program Coordinator Billy Vanderburg 210-486-4459 MLH 201
Nanoengineering and Nanotechnology Program Coordinator Jason Giuliani 210-486-4773 MLH 201
Community Health Program Coordinator Fernando Martinez 210-486-4382 MLH 201
Community Health Program Faculty Guadalupe Cornejo 210-486-4673 MLH 201
Clinical Research Program Coordinator Heather McCreery 210-486-4360 MLH 201
Accounting Faculty Robert McWhorter 210-486-4101 PH 213
Accounting / Business Faculty Ralph Mendez 210-486-4096 PH 203
Business Discipline Lead Roy Rodriguez
210-486-4352 PH 201
Computer Science & Programming Program Coordinator Kevin Roark 210-486-4142 MLH 201
Customer Service/Sales Operations Program Coordinator Andrea Scheri 210-486-4414 MLH 201
Digital Media Program Coordinator Susan Escobar 210-549-6235 RLC 316
Digital Media Program Faculty Viviane Marioneaux-Maguire 210-486-4685 RLC 316
Digital Video & Cinema Production Program Coordinator Noelia Santos 210-486-4548 MLH 201
Digital Media & Video Computer Support Technician
Ruben Tarango
210-486-4078 RLC 313
GAME Development  Program Coordinator Richard Rincon 210-486-4059 MLH 201
GAME Development Program Faculty Vicky Sertich 210-486-4059 MLH 201
Information Security and Cyber Program Coordinator Matthew Burch 210-486-4060 MLH 201
Information Security and Cyber Program Faculty Brian Stuhl 210-486-4352 MLH 201
Network Administrator Program Coordinator Bobby Yeater 210-486-4061 MLH 201
Network and Cloud Architecture Program Coordinator John Grillo 210-486-4054 MLH 201
Personal Fitness Trainer Program Coordinator Joe Dimas 210-486-4190 HH 201
Pharmacy Technology Program Coordinator Marlena Lomas-Moreno 210-486-4839 MLH 201
Water Resource Science Program Coordinator Howard Marquise 210-485-0261 MLH 201
Mathematics and Engineering - Chair Qiaoying Zhou 210-486-4383 JH 213E
Administrative Services Specialist Agda Alderete 210-486-4287 JH 213
Administrative Assistant Terry Riojas 210-486-4231 JH 213
Administrative Assistant Sydney French
210-486-4213 JH 213
Engineering Faculty/Coordinator Thomas Pressly 210-486-4841 CESC 306F
Mathematics Faculty/Coordinator Hector Trevino 210-486-4349 JH 213D
Mathematics Faculty Wesley Anderson 210-486-4267 JH 213K
Mathematics Faculty Christy Babu 210-486-4752 JH 213N
Mathematics Faculty Amanda Bartonek 210-486-4923 JH 213G
Mathematics Faculty Eddie Bishop 210-486-4303 JH 111S
Mathematics Faculty Kelli Bradshaw 210-486-4350 JH 213K
Mathematics Faculty Robert Carrillo 210-486-4640 JH 213R
Mathematics Faculty Amy Collins 210-486-4318 JH 111Q
Mathematics Faculty Robert DiGiovanni 210-486-4308 JH 111O
Mathematics Faculty Christa Emig 210-486-4822 JH 213F
Mathematics Faculty Mana Escobar 210-486-4283 JH 213H
Mathematics Faculty Dennis Gittinger 210-486-4348 JH 213J
Mathematics Faculty Steve Gonzales 210-486-4321 JH 213N
Mathematics Faculty Javier Guerra 210-486-4282 JH 213H
Mathematics Faculty Heidi Hunt 210-486-4305 JH 111Q
Mathematics Faculty Jerry Koch 210-486-4316 JH 111J
Mathematics Faculty Brooke Lee 210-486-4277 JH 213D
Mathematics Faculty Ellen Manchester 210-486-4441 JH 111O
Mathematics Faculty Mat Roy 210-486-4302 JH 111S
Mathematics Faculty Laura Salazar 210-486-4785 JH 213F
Mathematics Faculty Yvette Uresti 210-486-4320 JH 213P
Mathematics Faculty Claudia Verdin 210-486-4271 JH 213P
Mathematics Faculty Greg Ward 210-486-4309 JH 213S
Mathematics Faculty Michele Mangold 210-486-4328 JH 213G
Math Advocacy Center      
Academic Program Specialist Jesse Harbert 210-486-4252 JH 308
Math Lab for Cooperative Learning      
Academic Program Specialist Gabe Vidaurri 210-486-4293 JH 316
Natural & Physical Sciences - Chair Eric Madrid 210-486-4369 CESC 306G
Administrative Services Specialist Erica F. Arcos 210-486-4067 CESC 205
Academic Program Coordinator Sylvia Lopez De la Garza 210-486-4392 LOH 341
Academic Lab Tech Noah Aguilar 210-486-4616 LOH 341
Academic Lab Tech Jewel Graw 210-486-4393 LOH 341
Academic Lab Tech Jeanette Robles 210-486-4394 CESC 301
Biology Faculty Andrea Anderson 210-486-4385 LOH 306P
Biology Faculty Nadia Bakdash 210-486-4692 LOH 306K
Biology Faculty Richard Chamblin 210-486-4336 LOH 306N
Biology Faculty Yael Edrey 210-486-4095 LOH 306S
Biology Faculty J.L. Egremy 210-486-4391 LOH 306K
Biology Faculty Andre Felton 210-486-4387 CESC 306E
Biology Faculty/Coordinator Belinda Gomez 210-486-4398 LOH 306Q
Biology Faculty Roberto Gonzales 210-486-4372 LOH 306S
Biology Faculty Jo Ann Gonzalez 210-486-4373 LOH 306Q
Biology Faculty Muraya Gonzalez 210-486-4395 LOH 306B
Biology Faculty Leticia Guerrero 210-486-4148 LOH 306F
Biology Faculty Chris Harrison 210-486-4842 LOH 306F
Biology Faculty Jessica Heppard 210-486-4376 LOH 306M
Biology Faculty Eric Madrid 210-486-4369 CESC 306G
Biology Faculty Lori Nicholas 210-486-4735 LOH 306E
Biology Faculty Sophia Pina 210-486-4364 LOH 306M
Biology Faculty Adam Reeves 210-486-4337 LOH 306R
Biology Faculty Brian Stout 210-486-4378 LOH 306R
Chemistry Faculty/Coordinator Simon van Dijk 210-486-4843 CESC 306A
Chemistry Faculty Roopa Prasad 210-486-4333 CESC 306C
Chemistry Faculty David Casanova 210-486-4844 CESC 306B
Chemistry Faculty Jacob Crandall 210-486-4641 CESC 306C
Chemistry Faculty Prakash Nair 210-486-4397 CESC 306A
Chemistry Faculty Aleksandra Zapata 210-486-4390 CESC 306B
Geology Faculty/Coordinator Dustin Smyth 210-486-4368 LOH 306H
Geology Faculty Shannon Sahabi 210-486-4353 LOH 306H
Physics Faculty/Coordinator Marc Keltner 210-486-4375 CESC 306D
Physics Faculty Josh Alquiza 210-486-4693 CESC 306D
Physics Faculty Melaku Bogale 210-486-4043 CESC 306E
PLUS+STEM Title III Program - Grant Manager Roxanne Penaloza 210-486-4330  
Dean for Academic Success (2/3) Steven Montemayor 210-486-4204 LOH 306A
English and INRW- Chair Sabrina J. Carey 210-486-4322 JH 111L
Administrative Services Specialist Jacqualyn Tocchi-Wallpe 210-486-4319 JH 111L
English Faculty/Coordinator V. June Pedraza 210-486-4831 JH 111N
English Faculty Marisela Barrera 210-486-4380 JH 111H
English Faculty Suzi Bravo 210-486-4323 JH 111G
English Faculty Blake Jones 210-486-4351 JH 111I
English Faculty Anival Gonzalez 210-486-4304 JH 111R
English Faculty Barbara Griest-Devora 210-486-4281 JH 213I
English Faculty JP Goggin 210-486-4324 JH 111F
English Faculty Kristina McKinney 210-486-4268 JH 213Q
English Faculty Fiona McWilliam 210-486-4318 JH 111R
English Faculty Tony Montalbano 210-486-4363 JH 111P
English Faculty Julie Moore-Felux 210-486-4224 JH 111T
English Faculty April Poissant 210-486-4118 JH 111G
English Faculty Britt Posey 210-486-4273 JH 213O
English Faculty Mary Reading 210-486-4278 JH 213J
English Faculty Samantha Raymond 210-486-4292 JH 111F
English Faculty Natalia Trevino 210-486-4296 JH 213I
English Faculty Arturo Vasquez 210-486-4269 JH 213Q
English Faculty Michael Ward 210-486-4840 JH 111I
English Faculty Melinda Zepeda 210-486-4311 JH 111N
INRW Faculty Valerie Gomez 210-486-4029 JH 111K
INRW Faculty Vicki Lynton 210-486-4315 JH 111K
INRW & ENGL Labs - Centers for Academic Reading and English (CARES)      
Academic Program Coordinator for INRW/Supplemental Instruction Caroline Kuyumcuoglu 210-486-4334 RLC 205
Academic Program Specialist for College Level English
Veronica Luna
210-486-4525 JH 216
Art Faculty Rachael Bower 210-486-4761 PCA 105L
Administrative Services Specialist Klarissa Rizo 210-486-4374 PCA 105
Auditorium Manager Daniel Mitchell 210-486-4762 PCA 101
Academic Lab Technician Ty Mylnar 210-486-4046 PCA 130
Art Faculty/Coordinator Diana Kersey 210-486-4088 PCA 105M
Art Faculty Esteban Delgado 210-486-4523 PCA 105P
Art Faculty Tim Jones 210-486-4827 PCA 105F
Art Faculty Jimena Marin 210-486-4521 PCA 105L
Art Faculty Paul Northway 210-486-4809 PCA 105F
Art Faculty Jack Robbins 210-486-4528 PCA 105E
Dance Faculty/Coordinator Jayne King 210-486-4810 PCA 105K
Dance Faculty Brittany Lopez 210-486-4212 PCA 105K
Drama Faculty/Coordinator Mellissa Marlowe 210-486-4824 PCA 105M
Department Coordinator of Kinesiology/PE Karla Ellis 210-486-4089 PCA 105C
Kinesiology/PE Faculty Joe Dimas   HH 201
Kinesiology/PE Faculty Travis Prok 210-486-4081 HH 109L
Kinesiology/PE Faculty Kevin Wiley 210-486-4468 HH 201
Music Faculty/Coordinator Daniel Smith 210-486-4818 PCA 105J
Music Faculty Minkyung Lee 210-486-4821 PCA 105J
Music Faculty Aaron Prado 210-486-4819 PCA 105H
Humanities and Government - Chair Paul Martinez 210-486-4847 LOH 206A
Humanities Department Email    
Administrative Services Specialist Karina Ramirez 210-486-4856 LOH 206
Government Faculty/Coordinator Chad Mueller 210-486-4406 LOH 206D
Government Faculty Dana Angello 210-486-4744 LOH 206B
Government Faculty Debra Cardona 210-486-4102 LOH 206F
Government Faculty Pam Dunagan 210-486-4098 LOH 206K
Government Faculty Homer Guevara Jr. 210-486-4807 LOH 206E
Government Faculty Kort Jackson 210-486-4386 MLH 135 #4
Government Faculty Robert Marbut 210-486-4104 LOH 206S
Government Faculty Jessika Markstrom 210-486-4384 MLH 237 2C
Government Faculty Joan Mendoza 210-486-4082 LOH 206F
Government Faculty Jalal Nejad 210-486-4103 LOH 206N
Government Faculty Jessika Stokley 210-486-4763 LOH 206D
Government Faculty Robert Williamson 210-486-4811 MLH 135 #5
History Faculty/Coordinator Brandon Trevino 210-486-4854 MLH 237 4C
History Faculty Carlos Acosta 210-486-4863 LOH 206E
History Faculty Sarah Ball 210-486-4949 LOH 206K
History Faculty Cathy Briggs 210-486-4924 LOH 206K
History Faculty David Galindo 210-486-4754 PCA 105G
History Faculty Abel Garza 210-486-4854 MLH 237 4B
History Faculty Corina Gonzalez-Stout 210-486-4611 PCA 105G
History Faculty Kimberly McClurg 210-486-4418
PCA 105D
History Faculty James Puente 210-486-4858 LOH 206P
History Faculty Gloria Toni Canestaro 210-486-4694 LOH 206L
Humanities Faculty/Coordinator Craig Coroneos 210-486-4812 LOH 206Q
Humanities Faculty Neil Lewis 210-486-4826 LOH 206Q
Mexican American Studies Faculty/ Coordinator Sandra Garza 210-486-4764 LOH 206L
Philosophy Faculty/Coordinator George Gittinger 210-486-4766 LOH 206N
Philosophy Faculty Charles Hinkley 210-486-4825 MLH 237 1B
Philosophy Faculty Nakia Pope 210-486-4674 LOH 206C
Philosophy Faculty Jonathan Rosenberg 210-486-4045 LOH 206C
World Languages/Coordinator Carla Greszler-Gomez 210-486-4919 MLH 237 3C
Spanish Faculty Pilar Damron 210-486-4848 LOH 206H
Social Sciences - Chair Vacant    
Administrative Services Specialist Nakotah Terburg 210-486-4216  
Anthropology Faculty/Coordinator Adam Aguirre 210-486-4851 LOH 306D
Anthropology Faculty Kimberly Linsenbardt 210-486-4829 LOH 306D
Mass Communications Faculty/Coordinator Tim Molina 210-486-4452 JH 111H
Economics Faculty/Coordinator Mike Munoz Jr. 210-486-4105 PH 215
Economics Faculty Kimberly Beza 210-486-4469 PH 120
Economics Faculty Cristina Pandaru 210-486-4083 PH 102
Education Faculty Elsa Maldonado 210-486-4845 JH 111J
Education Faculty/Coordinator Diana Bradford 210-486-4314 JH 213R
Geography Faculty/Coordinator Scott Walker 210-486-4823 LOH 306E
Geography Faculty Charles Yeager 210-486-4675 PH 201
Psychology Faculty/Coordinator Don Lucas 210-486-4056 LOH 306L
Psychology Faculty Trina Cowan 210-486-4047 LOH 206H
Psychology Faculty Jennifer Fox 210-486-4756 LOH 306N
Psychology Faculty Anna Marie Evans 210-486-4789 LOH 306P
Psychology Faculty Catherine Phillips 210-486-4733 LOH 306C
Psychology Faculty Amanda Squires 210-486-4765 LOH 206B
Psychology Faculty Liz Wright 210-486-4028 LOH 306C
Psychology Faculty Erica Montanye    
Sociology Faculty Haetham Abdul-Razaq 210-486-4604 LOH 306B
Sociology Faculty/Coordinator Kara Paige 210-486-4055 LOH 306L
Criminal Justice Co-Coordinator Kathleen Arceo Garza   PH 201
Speech Faculty/Coordinator Karin Wilking 210-486-4638 LOH 206M
Speech Faculty Amy Burton 210-486-4922 LOH 206M
Speech Faculty Edgar Garza 210-486-4864 LOH 206S
Speech Faculty Elaine Jansky   LOH 206R
Speech Faculty Lydia Yznaga 210-486-4272 JH 213O
Speech Tutoring Lab      
Speech Lab Coordinator Elaine Jansky 210-486-4068 LOH 116
Interim Dean for Academic Success (3/3) Yolanda Reyes Guevara    
Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Lab      
Writing Across the Curriculum Coordinator Kate Fischer 210-486-4226 MLH 232
English as a Second Language (ESL)      
ESL - Program Manager Adriana Rodriguez-Almada 210-486-4426 MLH 234
ESL - Program Coordinator Josie Gonzales 210-486-4404 MLH 234
Science, Engineering & Workforce Student Centers      
Academic Program Coordinator Richard Crabb 210-486-4109 MLH 104A
Academic Program Specialist Laura Quintanilla 210-486-4435 LOH 230
Teaching with Technology - Director Mallory Plummer 210-486-4850 MZH 204F
Learning Resource Center (Library) - Director Norma Velez-Vendrell 210-486-4516 RLC 107F
Administrative Services Specialist Kathy Salas
210-486-4578 RLC 107
Lead Librarian Amanda Gorrell 210-486-4508 RLC 107H
Public Services Librarian Angela Bilbe 210-486-4567 RLC 107I
Public Services Librarian Camille Fiorillo 210-486-4513 RLC 107E
Public Services Librarian Renata Gibson 210-486-4509 RLC 107I
Public Services Librarian Carrie Damon 210-486-4558 RLC 107G
Public Services Librarian Rosemarie Rodriguez 210-486-4507 RLC 107G
Circulation Supervisor Sandra Ruiz 210-486-4579 RLC 105
Faculty Nancy Kaida 210-486-4571 RLC 123
Library Assistant III Veronica I. Buendia 210-486-4557 RLC 123
Multimedia Specialist Senior Michael Raso 210-486-4574 RLC 107E
Dual Credit - Director HS Programs Julie Boerm 210-486-4261 MZH 204N
College Coordinator of High School Programs Tori Martinez 210-486-4205 MZH 204L
College Coordinator of High School Programs Carrie Villarreal 210-486-4175 MZH 204L
Senior Specialist - Student Success Shyla Tracy 210-486-4260 MZH 204L