I. General Expressive Activity Information

Northwest Vista College an institution of higher learning, supports the expressive rights of persons guaranteed by the Constitutions of the United States and State of Texas, including freedom of speech and the right to peaceably assemble. 

Northwest Vista College will permit any person to engage in expressive activities in the  common outdoor areas of the campus freely as long as the person’s conduct:

      (a) is not unlawful; and

      (b) does not materially and substantially disrupt the functioning of an Alamo College.

“Expressive activities” means any speech or expressive conduct protected by the Constitutions  and includes assemblies, protests, the distribution of written materials, the carrying of signs, and the circulation of petitions.

Reasonable restrictions may be placed on the time, manner, and place of expressive activities in the common outdoor areas of the college campus.  These are stated in Procedure F.9.1.1 among Board Policies. 


Space Reservation Encouraged

To ensure no conflict with scheduled activities and accommodations of the expressive activity, including expected size of the participants and audience and need for campus security, persons wishing to conduct expressive activity on the common outdoor areas of the campus may reserve a space with the Student Life Office at any time prior to the activity.


Basic Guidelines 

1. Expressive activity generally must be conducted when the College District and its colleges are open for business operations and classes are in session. Exceptions for conducting expressive activity on other days and times may be granted.

2. Expressive activity must not (a) obstruct passageways, doorways, ramps for people with mobility challenges, loading docks, or parking spaces; (b) be conducted through or the use of sound amplifying devises; (c) be conducted in or extended into the buildings, hallways, classrooms, laboratories, or stairwells; or (d) be conducted within a ten-foot clearance around entrances and the perimeter of a  college building.

3. Persons who conduct an expressive activity must (a) clean up after the expressive activity ends, including by picking up the literature abandoned left behind or discarded by them or others; and (b) furnish any tables or chairs required for their expressive activity.  

4. The open or unlicensed carrying or use of a weapon as defined by the Texas Penal Code is prohibited in the outdoor common areas, including at or during an expressive activity.

5. The display and distribution of obscene materials as defined in § 43.21 in the Texas Penal Code is prohibited and may be prosecuted as a criminal offense under § 43.22 of the Texas Penal Code, or other sections of the Penal Code if the prohibited conduct involves minors on campus.

6. Persons conducting expressive activities must respect the right of others who choose not to listen to their speech, engage in their expressive activity, or accept their literature.

7. The Policy and Procedure at F.9.1 and F.9.1.1 among Board Policies are incorporated in these Guidelines. Persons conducting expressive activity are encourage to read the Policy and Procedure which are available on the Alamo Colleges District website and in the Student Life Office.  


Campus Security

The Alamo Colleges Police Department (ACPD) is authorized to preserve the peace and safety of the college campus and enforce the criminal laws of the state of Texas. ACPD may remove a person from campus if his/her expressive activity or response to such activity becomes unlawful or materially and substantially disrupts the academic or administrative functioning of the college. ACPD is authorized to remove persons from campus, including if the person damages campus property or refuses to provide identification when requested.   

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