Petition for Overload

Petition for Overload Requests

The limitation on the number of enrollment hours is based on the Texas Administrative Code. This policy states that institutions should not allow students to enroll in more course credits than the number of weeks in the semester to ensure a student is successful in all courses. The maximum amount of hours a student should take in each semester is shown here:

Part of Term Number of Credit Hours Number of Classes
16- week  18
14-week (Start II) 14 4
8-week (Flex I, II and Summer 8) 9 3
5 week (Summer I or II) 6 2
4-week (Maymester or Wintermester) 3-4 1

The maximum amount of hours a student can take in each term (fall and spring) semester is 18, and may be a combination of any of the parts of term listed above. The maximum amount of hours a student can take in the summer semester is 17. A link to this policy is included below:

Texas Administrative Code Rules 

There may be times where you need to request permission to take additional hours (last semester before graduation, courses needed for transfer). When this happens, you will need to discuss your options with your assigned advisor. If your advisor and you determine that overloading will be what is needed, then they will assist you with submitting the Petition for Overload form (it is not available without communicating with your advisor).

Online forms MUST be submitted after discussing the overload request with your assigned certified academic advisor. Petition for Overload forms will not be processed if an advising conversation cannot be verified.

Students requesting to take more than the maximum credit hours during a semester must meet the following requirements: 

  • Have a minimum overall institutional GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Have a prior semester GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Have completed a minimum of 24 credit hours, to include transfer credits
  • Have completed at least one semester while enrolled in 15 or more credit hours with a semester GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Be requesting to complete the course at Northwest Vista College
  • Must be in good Academic Standing (overall institutional GPA is above 2.0)
  • Advisor recommendation

*Students wanting to overload a course at a different Alamo College District college must submit the Petition for Overload form to that institution.

Special consideration may be granted to students who are needing an additional course for their graduating semester. 

First time in college students would not qualify to take more than 19 credit hours in their first semester. 

All requests must have been submitted no later than two weeks prior to the first day of class to be reviewed.

Transfer Students:

Students who have transferred to NVC must have official transcripts on file showing that they meet the requirements listed above at their previous institution(s).

Flex/Maymester/Summer Requests:

Must have completed a mini-mester previously with a semester GPA of 3.5 or higher in addition to meeting the requirements above.

Deadlines for Submission:

Fall 2023 Spring 2024 Summer 2024
Flex I (8 Weeks): Friday, August 11th Flex I (8 Weeks): Friday, December 15th Maymester: Thursday, April 25th
16-Week= Friday, August 11th 16-Week= Friday, December 15th Summer I 5-week Session: Friday, May 17th 
Start II 14 Week Session: Friday, August 25th  Start II 14-Week Session: Friday, January 12th Summer I 8-Week Session: Thursday, April 25th
Flex II (8 Weeks)= Friday, October 6th Flex II (8 Weeks)= Friday, February 1st Summer II 8-week Session: Friday, May 17th 
  Wintermester: Friday, December 1st Eight Week Session (II): TBD
    Summer II 5-Week Session: Thursday, June 20th 
    Summer III 8-Week Session: Friday, May 31st
    Ten-Week Session: Friday, May 17th

A response is sent to a student’s ACES email within two weeks of the date of submission.