Mom of three continuing her education with AlamoONLINE

July 19, 2021

Jennifer Perez returned to college as a middle-aged adult, fueled by a combination of factors. 

“It was sort of a mid-life crisis. I was thinking that I needed something to leave for my children. I wanted to show my children that it didn’t matter how old you long as you went.”

And so, she made a decision that would improve her life and inspire her children. She enrolled in Palo Alto College, earning two associate degrees while attending a local four-year university, which put her in a unique position to compare the two experiences. Jennifer watched her oldest daughter struggle as a college student and witnessed first-hand how the experience of a four-year university crippled her daughter’s confidence to get an education. Jennifer then found herself in a position to pursue her education while learning from her daughter. Additionally, she didn’t want to watch her two younger children suffer through their college experiences.

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“My experience has been amazing. All the professors email you in a timely manner, answering any of the questions I have. They are always there, and they also give you a phone number where you can reach them.”

Although the personal support has been instrumental in Jennifer’s academic success at PAC, she also enjoys the community she has found within her online classes.

“It’s like you’re in a live class. You’re able to have a group chat with students and still get that feeling of being connected.”

Outside of her online classes, Jennifer has found equal support from the administration and resources at PAC. These relationships have made her feel a part of the community and supported through her academic journey. These relationships have helped keep her educational journey and made her feel like part of the community.

When she first started at PAC, Jennifer had no way of knowing how her experience would pan out. In a recent interview, it’s clear she is pleased with her decision. Her advice to hesitant students is, “Just do it. Don’t ever think twice about how it is going to play out. We only live once, and I would hate to be 80 years old and sitting down thinking I should have registered.”

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