“With AlamoONLINE, I can take care of my children while earning my degree”

September 27, 2022

AlamoONLINE Communications

Rosemary Moreno's top priority is her three children. As a single parent, she strives to provide a more stable home for her family while fulfilling her financial and professional responsibilities. Coordinating the family's schedule and mediating issues for her kids has been a constant in her life.

The skills Rosemary obtained over the years by organizing her kids' schedules and managing their activities made her realize she could apply them to a career in Human Resources. She decided to go back to college.

The busy mother faced a dilemma. 

How could she complete her degree while remaining employed full-time without sacrificing time with her kids?

Joining the AlamoONLINE community at San Antonio College to pursue her degree in Human Resources Management allowed Rosemary the flexibility to spend time with her children and help them with their homework while also completing her own assignments. In her case, an online program is much easier than attending in person.

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Now on a typical day, she logs in to her classes during work breaks to check her assignments.

"Everything is online. I don't have to drive anywhere to turn in assignments. The library resources, email, and communication with the professors – it's all online."

Rosemary is grateful to San Antonio College for providing the tools she needs to complete her courses and giving her the flexibility to organize her work and family priorities.

"I am happy that I don't have to leave my children to go to school or tend to my school needs."

She hopes to set an example for her children and wants to show her daughter that working mothers have a chance to succeed and obtain a degree while tending to their parental responsibilities.

Rosemary credits her success to her strong support system, composed of family members and her ex-partner. She feels she couldn't have advanced her plans to complete her degree without their help.

Upon graduation, Rosemary aspires to compete for a management position within her company.

"Completing my degree will help a lot financially. Any single parent who has more than one kid relates to the struggle," she said. "San Antonio College is providing me with the opportunity to do everything online. I don't have to be away from my children to achieve my goals. Instead, I can be home with my kids and help them with their homework while I am doing my homework."

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