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This program is open to Active Duty Air Force, Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard CCAF students only. 

The Alamo Colleges have five colleges participating in the Air Force GEM program:


We have a long history of supporting our Air Force in San Antonio, Texas offering on-base academic programs and student services on Lackland AFB, Randolph AFB and Fort Sam Houston and through distance learning.

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Stationed in San Antonio?  Visit our military installation offices for more information.

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Is Distance Learning For Me?

Is Distance Education self-paced?

While flexibly scheduled, Distance Education courses are not self-paced; they run on the same semester schedule as on-campus, and have deadlines for completing assignments and exams.

Is there a disadvantage to Distance Education?

Distance education is not for everyone. All distance learning courses require a higher level of self-motivation and self-discipline. Distance education also requires the ability to read and write independently. Much of the content is presented in written form.

What are the benefits of Distance Education?

Quality... Course content is equal to on-campus courses!
Flexible... Classes are available whenever and wherever you need!
Transferable... Just like on-campus!

Apply/Enrollment Information

Application Information

Application Information

DoD Tuition & Fees

DoD Tuition & Fee Information

Texas residents & those assigned to duty in Texas; $99 per credit hour

Those assigned to duty outside of Texas; $215 per credit hour

St. Philip's College | Summer 2020
San Antonio College | Summer 2020

Northwest Vista College | Summer 2020
Palo Alto College | Summer 2020

Northeast Lakeview College | Summer 2020
Paying for College
  1. Paying for College”:
  2. “Paying with Tuition Assistance”:

Approved GEM Courses

Oral Communication
SPCH1311 Introduction to Speech Communication 3 semester hours
SPCH1315 Public Speaking 3 semester hours
   Written Communication
ENGL1301 Composition I 3 semester hours
ENGL1302 Composition II 3 semester hours
MATH1314 College Algebra (non-STEM) 3 semester hours
MATH1332 Contemporary Math I 3 semester hours
MATH1414 College Algebra (Precalculus Track) 3 semester hours
MATH1442 Elementary Statistical Methods 3 semester hours

Plane Trigonometry

3 semester hours
MATH2318 Linear Algebra 3 semester hours
MATH2412 Precalculus 3 semester hours
MATH1413 Calculus I 3 semester hours
Social Science   
 HIST1301 United States History I 3 semester hours
 PSYC2301 General Psychology 3 semester hours
 SOCI1301 Introductory Sociology 3 semester hours
ECON2301 Principles of Macroeconomics 3 semester hours
HIST1302 United States History II 3 semester hours
GOVT2306 Texas Government 3 semester hours
ECON2302 Principles of Microeconomics 3 semester hours
GEOG1303 World Regional Geography 3 semester hours
GOVT2305 Federal Government 3 semester hours
PSYC2314 Lifespan, Growth and Development

3 semester hours

HUMA1301 Introduction to the Humanities  3 semester hours
PHIL2306 Ethics 3 semester hours
SPAN1411 Elementary Spanish I 3 semester hours
MUSI1306 Music Appreciation 3 semester hours
ARTS1301 Art Appreciation 3 semester hours
HUMA1302  Introduction to the Humanities 3 semester hours
PHIL1301  Introduction to Philosophy 3 semester hours 
ENGL2327  American Literature I 3 semester hours
ENGL2328  American Literature II 3 semester hours
ARTS1303  Art History I 3 semester hours

Application Information

Application Information

GEM Contact Information

For questions and assistance with GEM, contact the Military Support Services Team at (210) 486-2001 or email

Betsy Hamilton, Director for Military Support Services (210) 486-2610 or email

Installation Offices

Alamo Colleges Installation Offices

Fort Sam Houston
Building 2268, Room 207
(210) 486-2004
Email Fort Sam Houston Representatives

Lackland Air Force Base
Building 5725, Room 144
(210) 486-7224
Email Lackland AFB Representatives

Randolph Air Force Base
Building 210, Room 10
(210) 486-2901
Email Randolph AFB Representatives

Email questions to our Military Support Team at: 

College Veterans Affairs Offices

Northeast Lakeview College

Student Commons Welcome Center


Northwest Vista College

CCC Room 110

Palo Alto College

PC Room 111

St. Philip's College

WEC Room 205

San Antonio College

MLC Room 171