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What is Virtual Exchange?

Also called telecollaboration,  virtual exchange refers to the application of online communication tools to bring together classes of learners in geographically distant locations with the aim of developing their foreign language skills and digital and intercultural competence through online collaborative tasks and projects.

What kind of virtual exchange does Alamo Colleges District offer?

Alamo COIL involves connecting two or more classes from different countries with similar or interdisciplinary course content. Once connected, the instructor's partner to design course modules that students to engage in communication and collaboration.

or interdisciplinary Virtual exchanges are guided by transformative learning goals such as intercultural competence, global citizenship, personal growth, intellectual growth, and professional development.


Virtual Exchanges, Learning Outcomes, and Global Competencies

Not only do students acquire skillsets and expanded worldviews as a result of their participation in virtual exchanges, but they also achieve learning outcomes and knowledge, skills, and attitudes that align with the Colleges, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB), and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). Acquisition of knowledge, skills, and attitudes are a result of students’ exposure to and involvement in virtual exchanges and the global competencies they achieve through intercultural interaction.

Student FAQs

What COIL courses are available?

The following courses will be designed for COIL in fall 2021:

PSYT 1325: Psychology of Death and Dying

DRAM 2355: Script Analysis

ENVR 1301: Environmental Science I

SPCH 1321: Business & Professional Communication

MRKG: Customer Service Management

HRPO 1311: Business Management

Which Colleges COIL?

All five Colleges may participate in COIL. Currently, professors from San Antonio College, Palo Alto College, St. Philip’s College, and Northwest Vista College participate in COIL.

Which professors COIL at our Colleges?

The AlamoCOIL Village of professors includes Dr. Jose Luis Moreno, Dr. Scott Walker,  Hector Garza, Dr. Alba De Leon, Sabra Booth, Kahala Crayton, Dr. Celestino Valentin, Dr. Marie Valentin, and  Melinda Zepeda.

How does COIL help me after graduation?

Students who successfully complete a COIL course may capture the completion on their experiential transcripts to demonstrate knowledge of global competencies. Students who are globally competent are highly sought after in the workforce.

How do I enroll in a COIL course?

Students may enroll in COIL courses through ACES during the regular registration period. COIL courses are marked on the appropriate College course schedule with the COIL attribute.

How much does a COIL class cost?

COIL courses are regular Alamo College District courses and do not cost extra. Simply enroll in a COIL course as you would any College course.

Can I use my financial aid for COIL courses?

Yes. You may use your financial aid to pay for COIL courses as you would any other course for which you enroll.

Are there prerequisites to participate in a COIL course?

COIL courses have the same prerequisites as the corresponding traditional courses. No additional prerequisites are required.

Do COIL courses count toward my degree plan?

It is possible. Depending on the COIL course you take, it may be part of your degree plan. All COIL courses count toward experiential learning and may be captured on your co-curricular transcript in AlamoEXPERIENCE. 

AlamoCOIL Student Connection

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Faculty Resource Suite

Alamo COIL Champions

Faculty Open Application Period

Fall Call for Applications is from January - April. Spring Call for Applications is from October - November. There are a limited number of seats for new COIL Villagers each semester. Apply for an opportunity to join the next cohort as soon as possible.

Benefits to Faculty

The OIP will allocate financial resources to select activities to assist with the implementation of COIL throughout the Alamo Colleges District. These resources will include:

  • Paid professional development opportunities
  • Administrative support for partnering efforts
  • Regular recognition of COIL faculty champions
AlamoCOIL Basics
  • Can be created in any discipline; interdisciplinary collaborations work well
  • Encourages active student learning and teamwork Include an emphasis on cross-cultural interactions and understanding
  • Can be 5 - 15 weeks long
  • Are graded activities in each participating class
  • Can use any technology tools that serve the learning goals
Progression of COIL Module

COIL Module.jpg

Sample COIL Courses

COIL can be implemented with a variety of courses from a variety of disciplines. Including: Biology, Nursing, Psychology, Statistics, STEM, English, etc.

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Faculty Profile Form

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AlamoCOIL Partner Map

In order to develop successful COIL modules, we must have a variety of partners to choose from. Faculty have the option of choosing their own pre-existing Partner or choose from more than 160+ partners we gain access through joining the SUNY Global Partner Network (GPN) and the Latin America COIL Network.  

You can click on the icon to see which University/college we have a partnership with and review their information.


Join the AlamoCOIL Village

Attention current and potential foreign university partners: Learn more about COIL and how to partner with faculty at the five Colleges:

LaTanya K Kurney

Mariela Cadena


Faculty: Login to your ImmerseU platform account to view regular announcements about training and new opportunities and to communicate with Global Partner Network institutions.