District 8 - Clint Kingsbery

Clint Kingsbery

Clint Kingsbery is a former mathematics teacher for Northside Independent School District. He has worked at O'Connor High School, Rudder Middle School and Brennan High School serving the students of San Antonio for over 13 years. Kingsbery earned numerous educational grants from the Northside Education Fund in support of working with technology to bring students into the 21st century, focusing on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) educational ideals. He previously was recognized as a teacher of the year in mathematics education at O'Connor High School. He has recently start working at Texas A&M University San Antonio, working as the Testing Center Coordinator. In his new role, he continues to work with students and help them to achieve their academic aspirations.

With his multiple years of experience in the educational field, Kingsbery understands the needs of students who are planning to attend college. His experience in the classroom has given him insight into how to motivate students and to enable them to work toward greater achievements over their educational career. Kingsbery also recognizes the contribution the arts make to the success of many different types of students.

Kingsbery earned a bachelor of science degree in mathematics from UTSA, specializing in education. He also attended San Antonio College while working toward his degree. Kingsbery completed his masters degree in higher education and policy studies at UTSA.

Kingsbery married his college sweetheart, Jessica Salinas, with whom he has an amazing son and three dogs. In addition to teaching, he enjoys writing music, performing martial arts and working within his community. He is dedicated to education, working to ensure that every student has a chance for success.

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Date First Elected:
 June 2014
Current Term: May 2020 - May 2026