Global Learning Designated Courses

Global Learning (GL) designated courses offer opportunities for students to obtain global competencies in the classroom that will help boost their marketable skills and attract businesses and organizations that are looking to hire employees who are capable of functioning in a global economy and a multicultural workforce.

As our world becomes increasingly more globalized, learning with global perspectives, engagements, and/or awareness will ensure students are exposed to different cultures, ethnic groups, religions, and languages, enriching society in the process and broadening the academic experience for everyone.


GLD Course List

Students can search for global learning courses offered during the semester and mini-semester and browse the entire course list. Click on the links below to explore GL courses for your campus:

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  • Northwest Vista
  • Palo Alto
  • St. Philip's
  • San Antonio College
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Course List


How to Find Global Learning Courses

Watch this video to learn how to easily find global learning courses in the course catalog and enroll!

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Student Frequently Asked Questions

I took a course that is now a global learning course, but I took it before it was added to the global learning course list. Can I get a waiver to have this course count toward my graduation requirement?
No. A course undergoes significant revision and must be approved by several curriculum committees and the Faculty Senate to become a global learning course.

I need to take a discipline-specific global learning course to fulfill my global learning graduation requirement. Does the course have to be from my discipline?
No. However, we recommend working with your academic advisor when selecting courses. Some majors already include discipline-specific global learning courses as part of the required course of study, satisfying your major and global learning requirements at the same time. In some majors, you may choose your discipline-specific global learning course as an elective from any discipline.