Another Year of Realized Potential

Text: Another Year of Realized Potential, Congratulations Class of 2024 Photo: Headshots of five distinguished graduates wearing graduation caps and robes.

Congrats class of 2024!

Your hard work has paid dividends-you're ready to take on the world empowered to succeed. We are all so proud of what you've accomplished.

Out of our almost 11,000 graduates, almost 800 were AlamoPROMISE scholars-area high school seniors who completed a certificate or degree program without the financial burden of tuition and other fees.

In addition to AlamoPROMISE, programs such as AlamoBOOKS+ as well as our advocacy centers provided students with the support services they need to succeed. The advantage of an education from the Alamo Colleges is quantifiable. Graduates will benefit from a $9,400 increase in average earnings per year when compared to those whose highest level of educational attainment is a high school diploma. Additionally, past and present students of the Alamo Colleges contribute to the economy of the region by generating $2 billion in added income for the Greater San Antonio area.

We congratulate this year's graduates of the Alamo Colleges and wish them all the best as they pursue even greater achievements in their lives. We will look back on their efforts as a source of inspiration and pride as we welcome and continue to encourage new students to pursue their dreams at the Alamo Colleges.


A District for the Community

There is no Alamo Colleges District without the community of individuals making this city great-our relatives, friends, and neighbors who we are exceptionally proud to serve.

We are the largest provider of higher education and workforce training in the seventh largest city in the United States.

Our five colleges, education and training centers, and early-college high schools are cornerstones to our ongoing goals of educating a populace of strivers, doers, and dreamers who work to better themselves and each other every day.

No matter where you are in San Antonio, you're within a twenty-minute drive from a district campus or center.

Whether you're seeking a certificate, workforce training, an associate degree, credits to transfer to four-year institutions, or even a bachelor's, the district has what you need to develop your knowledge, build your career, and better your life.

Together, we can empower our diverse communities for success and fulfill our moonshot of ending poverty through education and training.

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Grads That Inspire

Headshot: Briana Jones
“This is a big accomplishment for me. Going to college doesn't give you a lot of instant gratification, so finally, seeing something being rewarded for my work feels like a big deal… I'm the first college graduate in my family. It has a lot of significance for me.”

Brianna Jones
Northeast Lakeview College
Associate of Science - Biology
AlamoPROMISE Graduate
First generation Graduate
University of Texas at San Antonio Bound


Headshot: Rachel Saloria Akouka
“Taking early college classes helped me prepare for the future. I know how professors are and how to be professional. This experience has helped me be independent and know the full college experience.”

Rachel Saloria Akouka
Northeast Lakeview College
Associate of Science - Biology
Judson Early College Academy Valedictorian
Associates of Arts
University of Texas at San Antonio Bound


Headshot: Michael Centeno
"From the first day I came to the Alamo Colleges, everyone was willing to help or find someone who could. Everyone has a sincere, genuine energy of wanting better for the person next to them. There are people here who go the extra mile—really above and beyond—and have gotten me where I am. They had huge impacts on my life. What I can do is help people who are in the same position I was in."

Michael Centeno
Northwest Vista College
Associate of Arts - Kinesiology
Texas A&M University - San Antonio Bound

Headshot: Justine Nerio

“Growing up, I wanted to go to college, but I knew it would be a difficult challenge. AlamoPROMISE allowed me to attend college and focus on school without the financial burden.”

Justine Nerio
Palo Alto College
Associate of Arts - Radio-Television-Broadcasting
AlamoPROMISE Graduate
University of Texas at San Antonio Bound


Headshot: Brandon Aviado

“The scope you see as a student trustee is pretty grand. I don’t think that’s something that I had expected. The scope is unreal and it makes me want to work and do bigger things. … There’s something about education that inspires that sense of community involvement. I always had that sense of duty, especially from my time in the military, but I think my time here at the Alamo Colleges, serving as student trustee, really honed in on that sense of duty toward giving back to the community.”

Brandon Aviado
San Antonio College
Alamo Colleges District Student Trustee
Associate of Science - Biology
University of Texas at San Antonio Bound

Headshot: Jasmine Carrington-Brannon

“Being a military spouse, I would like to work at a government healthcare facility if we have to move. For most government positions, you need a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, so having this degree will open up more opportunities for better positions in healthcare.”

Jasmine Carrington-Brannon
San Antonio College
Bachelor of Science - Nursing
Associate of Applied Science - Nursing
Registered Nurse at CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital - Westover Hills


Headshot: Jason Cervantes

“There are so many reputable companies [around San Antonio] that hold high standards and are held in high regard in our community. Completing this degree is just the start of my career, and I’m excited to see what’s in store for my life.”

Jason Cervantes
St. Philip's College
Associate of Applied Science - Advanced Manufacturing Technology
TX FAME Graduate
Maintenance Engineering Associate at Flowers Baking Co.



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