Fall 2021 Semester

The health and wellness of students, faculty and staff at Northwest Vista College is the highest priority.

For the Fall 2021 semester, Northwest Vista College, along with sister colleges within the Alamo College District, will continue to encourage mask usage at all locations, in alignment with CDC, city and county guidelines. In compliance with the governor’s executive order, face coverings will no longer be mandatory. Everyone is strongly encouraged to wear face coverings and practice physical distancing at all locations. 

Northwest Vista College and the Alamo Colleges District are Now Enrolling and Registering Students for the Fall 2021 Semester!

Please refer to the most current Fall 2021 Class Schedule for more information (see below for more about the dynamic schedule).


Schedule of Classes:

Class Offerings (Dynamic Schedule)

Click Here for Dynamic ScheduleHow to Use the Dynamic Schedule

  1. Go to the Dynamic Schedule page and choose The Semester from the pull-down menu
  2. Click Submit button
  3. Choose a Subject from the list (REQUIRED, i.e. ENGL-English)
  4. Choose the College (i.e. Northwest Vista College, or choose All)
  5. Choose Part of Term (i.e. Full Term, or choose All)
  6. Choose Session or leave it All; choose Location or leave it All; make any other selections (or leave blank for all available)
  7. Click Class Search
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  • Remote Learning or Synchronous Instruction: The same as a standard face-to-face class but using Zoom video classrooms. Students log-in during scheduled class times and receive instruction digitally. Canvas and additional remote-access tools may also be used.

  • Online or Asynchronous Instruction: A traditional, fully-distanced, online course. Students will have a series of tasks or modules to complete each week but may do so on their own time. Online courses are delivered entirely on Canvas, though they may use additional online tools.

COVID-Related FAQs:

Will NVC students be allowed on campus?

Students who have courses that are scheduled on campus on specified days will be on campus unless otherwise determined by instructor and/or college. Students who exhibit COVID-19 signs or who have been exposed to someone who has COVID need to report this to their instructor and quarantine for 14 days and therefore will not be going to on-campus classes. Instructors will make other arrangements with these students to make up work, etc.

Will employees be allowed on campus?

NVC employees who are scheduled to be on campus for Spring 2021 will be working onsite. Employees who are scheduled to work on campus but who cannot do so for health reasons and need to work remotely can fill out the Remote Work Request which can be found in ACES. See email for more information. NVC employees who are not scheduled to be on campus will not be allowed on campus.

Will Student Success Services (Admissions, Advising, Records, Counseling, Disability Services, Financial Aid, Testing, Bursar, Student Advocacy, Veterans Services, Student Activities) be offered on campus?

Student Success will continue serving our NVC students remotely. 

How do faculty and staff get access to campus?

NVC faculty and staff who need access to the NVC campus must fill out a Campus Access form which can be obtained from their employee supervisor or Erin Sherman, VP of College Services.

Are students, faculty and staff required to have their temperature checked?

Yes, students, faculty and staff are required to have their temperature taken. Those who do not agree to have their temperature checked will not be allowed into any building for their own safety and the safety of others.

Are students, faculty and staff required to wear face coverings to enter a building?

No. However, all students, faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to wear face coverings while they are on campus and enter any building.